Sunday, October 2, 2011



I have an idea
A text message poem
Hey, maybe I can get a friend from back home to write it with me
It’s fun to remember the past
I went golfing today on a weed lollipop he broke the club
I listen to old songs I love in the car now to relive the past, but it’s a past that when in the present was bad, why do I want to relive it then?
I think I love my life now but I'm still lacking a little or maybe that's’s sure better than what it used to be
I read old poets and recommend old writers to my good friends
I think I read them and recommend them because it is cool when they're sort of just like you or you get inspiration off them making the same mistakes as you, or you feel like making, and then just think for a second that you can be like that and maybe someone will read your stuff
I miss dreaming but then again I have a dog and a turtle now and never in a million years did I think I would
I'm afraid that one day I won't and all ill want to do is get wasted and dream about that...
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When I die bury me in boots of Spanish leather

Slab of steel under a weightless body
Eyes chalked white like hard boiled eggs

Light from above tungsten leaving skin steel-gray
Still unmoved unfelt unknown

Known wanting to be known
Known realizing being known

Wearing these boots of Spanish leather
Standing on destitute land
Wanting to fly up up up and away

As the night turns to day
she leaves and I feel so unfulfilled

I shower the night off of me and feel nothing
I don’t even want to look in the mirror

I disgust myself on these long winter nights
As the day turns back to night
I drink what leads me to the place I hate
Will I end up there tonight?
I can’t trust myself...


Archetypes of a generation lost
Reborn and still completely misunderstood
Generations who give the key to are dreams out like a piece of candy for free
So busy being born watch those around us keep trying...
Dying to make it. What is making it?

A generation who found the voice
A generation who has the tone 
A generation educated beyond the collage walls

Educated by the VOICE of the misunderstood
Who never let go of that dream
The ones who will make those dreams come true 
I call this US
Reading Ginsburg’s Howl 
Listening to Dylan’s Hard Rain
A generation that loves 
A generation that questions
The only ones out of many who have missed the executioners face
Reflecting WE onto today’s generation
Who knows if those sitting behind their expensive desks Wearing their expensive suits like signs of class
We a generation that knows the so called masters will never know
The US

Eye filled with tears
Burgundy blood flowing over waterfalls
Heart torn from its home to make me weak
Rise above this tortured existence
Falling, Failing to see the dust carried selfless
Wind blows over me cooling the burned sole of love lost
Violence crawls through my veins yearning to be let go
Pretending to be something not self
Just waiting to be who I am
Match sticks staked one by one statue on table tops

Judged by loved ones heavy hand
Don't believe lies recorded spoken
Written messages carried on ships
Sunken treasures not yet received

Los Angeles

The photographer

I've mastered my machine stance and light
The lense focus and my clinched index finger judge truth
Perfect imperfection and an image to preside

I am a photographer I am a thief
I am a photographer I am a thief

No one has captured your story before?
Do you mind if I steal a moment of your time?
Adjust my apature I find history in your eyes

I am a photographer I am a thief
I am a photographer I am a thief

I take a moment to reload and your vulnerability subsides
My muse this angle isn't working another time I suggest
There is no more magic...I reframe to a prettier face

I am a photographer I am a thief
I am a photographer I am a thief

Here you are again comfortable and unshy as the first
Your clear heart clings to me pleading for a click or two more
Now I  have captured your soul...our time as run its course!

I am a photographer I am a thief
I am a photographer I am a thief

You are a thief
You are a thief


Off the beaten path
Unconventional wisdom
Compared to gonzo woody creek

Living as to say education is not taught It’s born
Born into this

Drinking all night sleeping with whores going to classes
Filled lies told to youthful ladies whose friends bought by money not their own
to get laid

Pawns in games along Tennessee Street
Buying pieces of art with ants walking across empty canvas

Off the beaten path
Unconventional wisdom
Rick Danko’s "stage fright"
Standing up there with all his might

3/8/08 10pm

I drink two for one at a restaurant I used to work at in college
A restaurant I used to share laughs with friends at
I drink two for one alone now

I talk to friends and family and loved ones and assure them I'm ok
I sneak off in pockets of time to stay awake alive

A new one tugs on his jersey and an old one hangs it up

-Over thinker
-Scared about my dad
-Scared of no money
-Scared of no freedom
-Scared of no one caring
-Scared of getting old
-Looking for something to wake up to
-Lack of a new goal
-Can't get out of my own head
-Becoming lazy in life
-Hate being inside the house
-Caring about what used to be fun things, aren't fun anymore
-My time has shifted and I can't find the balance
-It's hard to be happy for too long

-I wait for shit to go wrong
-It's hard to enjoy the moment and when I finally try to appreciate it – it's gone
-I think I'm starting to understand myself a little better and I really don't like what I see sometimes down at the core.
-I can't see even a fork in the road so I don't even have a choice or an option for a path, and it's been like this for a while
-I really do appreciate everything in life – this is just where I'm at now
-My pen screams for me to write in pain
-I can't share my inner thoughts
-Scared to write them on paper cause people will hate me
-I haven't earned the fun I try to have


I don’t want to write today
Find the formula
Empty the tank

I want to keep my hair long now cause I think people expect me to shave it
I’m at a loss I feel stale

I’m in my own head too much and it’s causing me to make really fucking bad
I write a page or two and can’t finish an idea or a thought and I’m drawn into the laziness of my past Accomplishments
Or what I think are accomplishments
I have no goal in front of me and without that I’m in deep shit.

Eggs in the morning subs and your brown Thunderbird
The first one ever made
Dog tracks quenelles boxed and tobacco heal me
Old hands hold the shaking newspaper
I hate being inside a house but I have no money and no one that wants to adventure out with me anymore – My dad says not to get old – well,
I’m fucking trying not to

The 17th

Thousands of miles between us
Highways lost soles
Truck stops lonely hearts graced by your glowing light
Sailed away on the 16th loves strings tested carrying you back to me
one day.
Yes there is something you can send back to me
The times we once had will come again

Optimism blinded by doubted sin
Pessimist by nature
Head twisted with fears that will come true if I let them
Trash cans filled by our blind faith
hammers, paint brushes, boxes, tape guns, folded clothes fill our house
empty it will soon be

House Empty filled with one
Me and only I left to pick up what was not

It’s ok Its alright
It’s me you know
The one who is always left to pick up

Lay Lady Lay playing in the back round
Those words mean so much and always will
Kelly I love you and always will

My new place feels like it's going to be an environment to work on my brain

I know odd you might have to see it
It's like an empty brain that is about
to get filled and educated

A door way to enlightenment and I found it
It's a locale that has already been blessed by greats

Soon our footsteps will walk the walk and talk the talk

Ended up getting a place on Dudley and Pacific
The Beats of Southern Cal

Hung out and worked
This I did not know

Till someone told me
I'm not kidding at all

Saturday, September 10, 2011

RIP Robert Myers [Artist]

"Geo Washington says we have to look at the BIG picture, baby. Caricature by me". Robert Myers

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Porch Sitting Bobby Bates NJ Director

Why Do India and Pakistan So Furiously Rage? By Frank Schell

To paraphrase a biblical passage, at times why do India and Pakistan so furiously rage? Since the horrific attacks in Mumbai in November, we have seen much. The historical and structural differences between these two countries may also explain it.

In the eyes of history and their ancient gods, India and Pakistan have been together since the beginning. From the earliest civilizations of the Indus Valley over five thousand years ago until independence from Britain in 1947, they were one. India and Pakistan have been separate entities for only one percent of this recorded history. So why can they not exist in tranquility? As one of my Indian friends has observed, "The Pakistanis speak my language, have my skin color, eat my food and listen to my music. The place looks pretty good to me."
Throughout history, Hindus have been ruled by Muslims, an occupying presence. After the death of the Prophet, the Arabs became well established in Sindh by the early 8th century. Resplendent to some and barbarian to others, the Turkic Mahmud of Ghazni looted north India and ruled from his capital in Ghazni about the year 1000. There followed over eight hundred years of Muslim authority over much of India: Turks, Afghans, and the Mughals made their mark. During this Muslim rule, the Mongol Tamerlane sacked Delhi, like the Persians centuries later. A Muslim aristocracy was imposed upon its subjects, mostly Hindus. Not until Bahadur Shah Zafar was ousted by the British in 1857 did the remnants of Mughal rule officially end.
The memories of civil war and the trauma of partition lingered for decades. But the generation most affected is now passing -- the next ones are more interested in commercial success than in enmity toward Pakistan.
Today the Hindus of India generally accept the contributions of an Islamic past, with pride in the monuments and culture that Muslims brought and left. In the mainstream, the 150 million Muslims of secular India subordinate their faith to their identity as Indians. This is not exactly the case in Pakistan, which became known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1956, in spite of the secular vision of its founder, the anglicized Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who received a law education at the Inns of Court in London.
Besides history, a second factor is the disputed territory of Kashmir, which is of little economic value to either Pakistan or India. By a quirk of history, a Hindu maharaja in a Muslim land opted to join India at the time of partition, asking the federal government for help in repelling Pashtun invaders. Kashmir evokes memories and is emotionally bonded to both countries. Like other hill stations, the aristocracy spent time there to avoid the heat of the Indo-Gangetic plain. Kashmir is an enchanted land of abandoned forts, dark forests, glaciers, and cold lakes, and the Urdu poets there longed for a romantic love beyond reach.
India and Pakistan went to war twice over Kashmir in 1947 and 1965, and there were high altitude hostilities in the Kargil region in 1999, when India charged that insurgents were sponsored by the Pakistan government. The strategic value of Kashmir is also derived from its rugged mountainous border with China.
A third factor is the structural difference between the two. Both countries have traditions of royalty and aristocracy, but India has become a broad-based society, with many thousands of families and domestic and foreign investors controlling the economy. Meritocracy is on the rise, and some privilege and government control have been eliminated, with people more empowered. While the transparency of governance is a major issue in the public and private sectors, this need is nevertheless well recognized as a step toward full economic transformation.
The Indian independence movement was broad based in the society, and the creation of Pakistan was more of a vision of the Muslim establishment. Further, Jawaharlal Nehru and later his daughter, Indira Gandhi were able to end the privileges of the Maharajas and establish some land reform, while in Pakistan wealth remains relatively concentrated.
Pakistan is controlled by comparatively few families in collaboration with an equally elitist army, all seeking to maintain status. Many Pakistanis believe the ruling classes have let down the country, pursuing selfish ends with little appreciation for the society and the vast cleavage between haves and have-nots. To maintain privilege and to feed the apparatus that is the Pakistan army, the elites have vilified India, which as neither pure villain nor innocent bystander, is believed to be asserting itself in Afghanistan and able to effect agitation in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. Even with a vibrant press, Pakistan is still a land of shadows, and reform of governance does not rank high on the national agenda.
It is sometimes said that in India, everything is but it isn't: generalizations or ideas that look true can be found to be false -- and the paradox prevails. There are historical and structural differences between India and Pakistan to be sure, but my friend, who was referring to much of the north, is also right.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Become a Lawyer With No Law School

Here is a list of famous men who did it the old way.

1. Patrick Henry (1736-1799), member of the Continental Congress, governor of Virginia

2. John Jay (1745-1829), first chief justice of the Supreme Court;

3. John Marshall (1755-1835), chief justice of the Supreme Court;

4. William Wirt (1772-1834), attorney general;

5. Roger B. Taney (1777-1864), secretary of the treasury, chief justice of the Supreme Court;

6. Daniel Webster (1782-1852), secretary of state;

7. Salmon P. Chase (1808-1873), senator, chief justice of the Supreme Court

8. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), president;

9. Stephen Douglas (1813-1861), representative, senator from Illinois.

10. Clarence Darrow (1857-1938), defense attorney in Scopes trial of 1925. [Clarence Darrow went to law school for one year, and preferred to study law on his own. He received most of his legal education in a law office in Youngstown, Ohio.

11. Robert Storey (b. 1893), president of the American Bar Association (1952-1953).

12. J. Strom Thurmond (b. 1902), senator, governor of South Carolina.

13. James O. Eastland (b. 1904), senator from Mississippi Wallechinsky, David,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

black robb report a/k/a Twentieth Century Confederates

The Robb Report, originally titled Twentieth Century Confederates, was founded by Robert L "Rusty" White as a newsletter to sell his personal collection of Civil War memorabilia and Rolls-Royce automobiles.[2] White distributed his newsletter to members of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club as mimeographed loose-leaf pages, and he provided a suede three-ring binder to paying subscribers. The publication matured into an advertorial, one of the first of its kind, catering to affluent clientele. The blend of advertising and editorial was broadcasted to high-end, affluent consumers via advertisements in Architectural Digest.[3]
In 2002, the "Robb Report" brand was sold for US$150 million to CurtCo Media, after which CurtCo was renamed Curtco Robb Media LLCTD Capital[clarification needed] financed part of the acquisition.[citation needed] CurtCo Robb Media subsequently acquired vertical-market titles including Homes,Motorcycles and, most notably, Worth. (Other publications owned by CurtCo Robb Media include San Diego MagazineSarasotaArt & Antiques, and Gulfshore Life.)